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Relevant Projects

Photo of Orit Hazzan
Cross-sectorial collaborations in the new economy

In the new economy, new kinds of organizations emerge. Among others, cross-sectorial collaborations are created, based on the recognition that they benefit all sectors: governmental organizations and local authorities (1st sector), for-profit organizations (2nd sector), and non-governmental non-profit organizations (3rd sector). This research, conducted in collaboration with tech-organizations in the context of STEM education, explores benefits that each sector earns from the collaboration.

A new discipline is born: Data science education

Data science is a new interdisciplinary field of research that focuses on extracting knowledge and value from data. As data science is becoming relevant for many scientific, engineering and social research and applications, new data science education programs are being launched and adequate teaching methods are needed for different learning populations. This research, conducted by my doctoral student, Koby Mike, explores the essence of this new evolving discipline – data science education.