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Academia-Industry Collaboration

The Artificial Intelligence space is one where academic and industrial research are deeply intertwined. As such, Tech.AI’ research community welcomes collaborations with industrial entities in AI all fields and at all levels: from theoretical work to highly applied use-cases.
For further information on possible ways of collaboration, please contact our Business Development.

Tech.AI’ Services to Industrial/Commercial Partners:

C-Level Executive Education

Tech.AI provides AI training modules for C-Level personnel and Senior engineering staff. The training is specifically tailored to the needs of our collaborating partners and delivered by our experienced PhD level personnel.  Training modules broadly falls into two main categories:

Introduction to AI for non-technical executives:
A concise 2-3 day workshop intended to provide executives with a straightforward understanding of AI/ML capabilities within their specific domain of operation (e.g. Healthcare, Finance or Advanced Manufacturing). Such workshops usually include future scoping where we delve into relevant case-specific scenarios and ask “How can I better my business using ML/AI technology?”

Specialized training for senior engineering staff:
with training modules ranging from 20-80 hours, we provide senior, experienced, R&D staff with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of AI topics (e.g., Reinforcement Learning, Few Shot Learning or Generative Adversarial Networks). These training modules can be modified in content, depth and length to the learner’s specific needs and emphasize real-world case-studies and scenarios.

AI Business Advisory Services

AI technology is an exciting, yet imperfect and still evolving technology (e.g., algorithmic biases). Commercial companies and institutions are constantly required to integrate/improve their ML/AI processes and technologies (e.g., HMOs, Insurance companies etc.). For companies seeking to better understand and/or improve their use of AI – we create an ad-hoc consultancy expert team.

The Tech.AI expert team will assemble on-demand (drawing from multiple Technion faculties as needed), and thoroughly review, over a period of several days, the inner workings of the company. Following the review, The Tech.AI expert team will advise on a ML/AI integration/betterment strategy.

Understanding your organization through big data

If your organization is generating lots of data, but you are unsure what to do with it, or how to use it in a business savvy and ethical manner – Tech.AI is here for you. Tech.AI researchers help organizations enter the AI/ML age and make the most their data through joint projects.

Matching/Partnering services

Companies/Research institutions looking to collaborate with Tech.AI-affiliated Technion staff, are welcome to contact us. We offer:

  • Matching services to Technion researchers according to your specific knowledge needs.
  • Grant scoping for Companies/Research institutions seeking to collaborate under the funding of an external agency (e.g. Israel Innovation Authority, Horizon Europe etc.)