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Tech.AI Hub

Teching a better tomorrow.

Tech.AI (formerly MLIS), Technion’s Artificial Intelligence Hub, was established in 2020 to serve as the main Technion platform enabling faculty & students from all Technion units with best possible access to the forefront of AI research and application. It moreover serves as the main Technion stage promoting relations & collaborations between Technion faculty, industry and academia partners operating in all areas of AI. Last but not least, it serves as the main focal point to a vibrant and ever-growing Technion AI community. A community dedicated to empowering Technion’s best and brightest working in all areas of IA, and collaborations with industry and academia, to create a better tomorrow for the state of Israel and humanity.

Tech.AI leverages Technion’s unique position as ranked #1 in Europe and #15 in the world in AI according to CSrankings.org, and serves as main supporting hub to over 120 Technion researchers engaging core AI research, and applying state-of-the-art methodologies and tools from AI and data science in medical research, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, architecture, biology and various other fields.

Tech.AI works around the clock and through a variety of venues and activities to deepen Technion education promoting AI Research and implementation across all faculties and research centers, and to provide Technion students and researchers engaging all areas of AI with the most nurturing ecosystem. It constantly exposes best practices in all areas of AI to its target audiences and supporting community, and serves as a powerhouse working to maintain and endorse Technion’s overall positioning as a national and global leader in AI and related areas, through research and education, relations and collaborations, and an array of activities such as joint projects, publications, meetups, conferences, courses, lectures, workshops, roundtables, panels, hackathons, competitions, and other social and cultural activities.

About MLIS

Interested in making a significant, substantial and long lasting contribution? Join us @ TechAI in Teching the next big things to come.