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Relevant Projects

Photo of Arie Admon
Professor Emeritus
Development of better tools for proteomics and peptidomics research

The analysis of the big data that is obtained by genomics, and combining it with the mass spectrometry-based proteomics and peptidomics data is that main scope of this research. The limiting factor is informatic analysis of the data.

Development of personal immunotherapy for cancer, and autoimmunity

The project focus is on molecular immunology, with a special interest HLA-peptidomics; aiming at characterization of the full repertoires of HLA peptides presented by human cells (HLA peptidome) and the implementation of the HLA peptidomics into development of personalized immunotherapy.
The other aim is to block the specific immune reaction during autoimmunity and inflammatory diseases. The main tools of peptidomics, and proteomics, are mass spectrometry and bioinformatics.