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Relevant Projects

Photo of Hossam Haick
Wearable tattoo for health monitoring

This project aims to develop a breakthrough smart health monitoring system, combining in the same solution, a sensor and an analytical modulus. The sensor modulus will be implemented by the construction of a new, tattoo-like wearable device. To both process and integrate the big data constantly gathered by the wearable, in a global databank, an analytical modulus is also developed, to enable the establishment of individualized health patterns.

Wearable for Advancing Care for High-Risk Elderly

This project aims to stratify patient populations according to advanced risk assessment, to enable personalized self-management of ageing multimorbidity patients. This is done by designing a personalized, patient-centred and holistic approach that accounts for the individual’s medical history and lifestyle conditions, mental and social state, etc., coupled with innovative non-invasive wearable sensing technology for continuous monitoring of health.