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Relevant Projects

Photo of Dov Dori

The vision of the consortium, of which our lab is part, is to develop generic technologies for analysis and use of information of raw materials, production processes and the consumer, in order to enable connectivity throughout the value chain and bring about a paradigm shift in which food is produced with the highest efficiency and safety.

TRACOD – short for TRAck the COD fish, is an EIT Food project aimed at improving the ability of producers and consumers to track freshness and nutritional values of fresh fish, including cod, salmon, and other white fish species. TRACOD uses models implemented in an app for interacting with stakeholders and includes an education component for endowing food engineers with a systems approach. TRACOD also engages future food engineers in conceptual modeling as part of model-based systems engineering of food production and supply systems.

OPCloud is a web-based collaborative software environment for creating conceptual models of systems and phenomena with OPM standard  ISO 19450:2015. It is used in dozens of universities and enterprises, and its development is continuously adding new features and capabilities.