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Relevant Projects

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Implementing a Precision Medicine Paradigm in Primary Care Clinics

A randomized controlled trial of 20 intervention clinics and 20 usual-care control clinics to establish the value (better health? Better use of resources?) of implementing precision medicine tools into primary clinical practice. Intervention includes testing of DNA with different level platforms (from NGS panels, to GWAS, WES and WGS), of microbiome, use of wearable devices/sensors. The adult population of the study clinics includes some 140,000 people and if enough resources will be obtained, the study is expected to reach some 100,000 participants. Current resources allowed us to break ground in one clinic with 1,660 people already signed a consent. Study is National IRB approved.

Precision medicine - pharmacogenetics

GWAS-based study of >10,000 Israelis of various ethnicities serving among other purposes to establish an ethnic-specific (Jews/Arabs, Ashkenazi/Sephardi) atlas of frequencies of pharmacogenetic variants. Identify new associations between medication use in this cohort and identified SNPs. GWAS was carried out using the Illumina 500K Onco SNP array. Study is National IRB approved. Funded by MOST.

gene-environment interactions in the etiology of common cancers

More than 40,000 participants in case-control studies of breast/colorectal/lung/gynecological/pancreato-hepato-biliary cancers. For each participant we have long entry questionnaire (800 questions: health habits, health status, family history, more…), blood sample (DNA), tumor tissue sample (for many), EMR of follow-up. Every cancer case has a matched control without cancer. All studies are National IRB approved. Partially funded by various agencies, BCRF, ICRF…