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Relevant Projects

Photo of Rinat Rosenberg-Kima
Ethical implications of Theory of Mind (TOM) abilities in Social Robots

In this project, we examine the effects of a tutor robot’s social-AI on participants’ perception of social robots’ Theory of Mind (TOM) abilities, perception of social robots’ consciousness, and acceptance of social robots in education.

Social robots as learning companions in education

In this project, we explore the perceived potential of social robots to serve as motivating learning companions for online learning, in particular in their potential to foster self-regulated learning skills.

Using robotics and computational thinking for self-expression in kindergarten

In this project, we compare the affordances of using a robot (KIBO) vs. an application (ScratchJr) for self-expression and the development of computational thinking skills in young children. This project is conducted in collaboration with Prof. Marina Bers from Boston College.