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Relevant Projects

Photo of Jonathan Natanian
Assistant Professor
Energy performance in heterogeneous built environments

This research aims at exploring the impacts of mixed-use and mixed-typology configurations on energy performance (i.e., supply, demand, and the balance between them) in the Israeli context. To do that – we are adopting a cross-use, cross-scale (from a room to a district), and a cross-climatic analytical approach (different climate zones and future climate), which is applied here on several local test cases. The methodology includes an optimization module that offers a set of spatial and usage combinations which supply a favorable energy starting point in the heterogeneous design of buildings and districts.


A holistic generative cross-climatic method for solar-driven environmental design

This project aims to advance the existing scientific knowledge on solar design by harnessing novel computational optimization methods. We explore a generative approach in which a combination of solar-driven metrics drives the form-finding process based on a multi-objective optimization process. The workflow is applied to a real district case study in Tel Aviv and yields a large set of spatial solar-driven building masses, rather than one solar envelope volume, which corresponds to the different trade-offs between the environmental performance metrics applied.


Environmentally responsive by urban design

This project offers new insights into the nexus between urban form and environmental performance both at the local and global contexts. We develop and explore a new set of harmonized workflows, which by capitalizing on the benefits of advanced computational intelligence, open new possibilities in the pursuit of a sustainable urban form – going beyond energy considerations towards environmental quality and urban livability. As part of the project new simplified evaluation metrics are developed to be employed in multi-objective optimization studies of environmental performance at the urban scale.