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Relevant Projects

Photo of Ido Roll
Associate Professor
Productive Failure in Data Science

This project seeks to build an intelligent environment that provides Data Science students with opportunities to construct their own data models. Though students often make mistakes in these tasks, we use an AI-driven combination of challenges, feedback, and instruction to help students become adaptive experts who are able to complex relationship in unfamiliar data.

Measuring Creative Thinking

The main objective of the study is to develop Creative Thinking measurement tools in the context of scientific and authentic problem solving. This project is focused on the synergy between the measurement of the process, using learning analytics techniques, and measurement of the products of Creative Thinking. It serves as a case-study for intelligent assessment of complex constructs.

Learning analytics to teach scientific reasoning

This project seeks to support learning of scientific literacies with virtual labs using student facing learning-analytics dashboards. The design of student-facing dashboards is challenging due to the ill-defined nature of scientific skills and attitudes. As students are free to explore an open-ended design space, and as there are no “correct” answers, we identify metrics that can be extracted and interpreted so that students can understand the processes of doing science.