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Relevant Projects

Photo of Roy Friedman
Software Caching – W-TinyLFU

Caching is one of the most effective performance boosting techniques, in which hot data items are stored in a closer and faster memory to the application than the entire storage. In software managed caches, the cache is typically the local DRAM memory vs. SDDs, HDDs, or remote storage. The W-TinyLFU scheme for maintaining software caches is now dominating the Java and Go eco-systems. It is applied, either directly or through the Caffeine and Ristretto caching libraries in Cassandra, Accumulo, HBase, Apache Solr, Infinispan, Open-Whisk, Corfu, Finagle, Spring, Akka, Neo4j, DGraph, Druid, and many others. We continue to expand it to new domains.

Smart Sketching

Sketches enable maintaining statistics regarding large data streams in sub-linear space with only a single pass on the data. In this project we seek novel sketching solutions with an emphasis on the sliding window model, multi-dimensional data, and implementations inside SDNs and programmable data-planes.