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Relevant Projects

Photo of Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus
Assistant Professor
The Importance of Literacy in Young Children

In the study, we examine the language development among toddlers aged 2-3.5-years-old and the brain synchronization between the mother and the child using EEG, while performing various activities around stories reading and listening.

The Role of Executive Functions in Hebrew-Speaking Children

We examine the role of executive functions in reading in children aged 8-12 using an adaptive intervention program developed in our lab. We use neuroimaging tools such as functional and structural MRI as well as EEG to define patterns that may predict a better gain from intervention.

Characterizing facial expressions in children

In a series of projects, we aim to objectively determine the emotional abilities of children using an AI-based algorithm identifying micro-expressions in children. This project is done in collaboration with Prof Ron Kimmel, Technion.