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September 9, 2022
Hebrew University and Technion Partner with IBM to Advance Artificial Intelligence
Picture of Hebrew University and Technion Partner with IBM to Advance Artificial Intelligence

Following collaborations with MIT, Stanford, and other leading universities around the globe, IBM Research to invest millions in research at these two leading Israeli universities

(Haifa, September 8, 2022)—The Technion and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have signed a partnership agreement with IBM Research to advance artificial intelligence capabilities and applications in Israel. The collaboration was announced this week at a conference held by IBM in Tel Aviv to mark 50 years since the establishment of the IBM Research Lab in Israel. Read More
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August 22, 2022
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the Technion will collaborate on projects
“This collaboration, fueled by philanthropy, brings together two world-class institutions, Technion and Cincinnati Children’s, and two leading laboratories, each with complementary skills and assets, to improve pediatric medicine on a global scale.”
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August 17, 2022
Develop social awareness and reduce food waste
Picture of Develop social awareness and reduce food waste
Students from the Technion, in collaboration with the Israel Harvest Association, developed computational methods for predicting the amount of harvest available for distribution

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March 1, 2022
MLIS conference 2022, AI: From Hype to Productivity - Lectures Slides
On February 24th, AI researchers and enthusiasts from Academia and Industry and Government gathered together for the first AI physical gathering for 2022. Titled AI: From Hype to Productivity, the conference emphasized the disparity between AI perceptions in the lay public and as sometimes advertised by commercial entities and actual AI capabilities to date. By doing so, we effectively sketched an AI roadmap which highlights the challenges the AI field faces in coming years. The presentations are of the given lecture are available here: Prof. Assaf Schuster: Complex Patterns in Massive Data Streams Asst. Prof. Nir Rosenfeld: Machine Learning and Human Behavior Assoc. Prof. Daniel Soudry: Resource Efficiency and Algorithmic Bias Control in Deep Learning Prof. Michael Elad: Image Denoising - Not What You Think! Asst. Prof. Aviv Tamar: Generalization in Deep Reinforcement Learning Asst. Prof. Ofra Amir: Explainable Reinforcement Learning: Describing Agent Behavior to People Assoc. Prof. Tamir Hazan: Multimodal Attention Networks Prof. Shie Mannor: Reinforcement Learning: Is the Future Here?
August 15, 2021
Call for proposals – Organization of AI -related Summer/Winter Schools for PhDs and Postdocs
The ELLIS Society published its first call for the organization of summer/winter schools for the 2022 ELLIS PhD & Postdoc Program cycle, to be held over one week. The deadline for applications is August 15, 2021. More details can be found here
July 14, 2021
Student awards for collaboration in Data Science in funding of PBC (VATAT)
MLIS is pleased to inform you of the 2021 student awards annual for cross-PI collaboration in Data Science. This PBC-funded award aims to promote research collaborations in the Data Sciences between 2 Technion PIs through joint student supervision. The awards given are up to 12,000 ILS for a Master’s students and 15,000 ILS for PhD students. Additional info and selection criteria are available here.    
July 1, 2021
New HPC infrastructure available for MLIS members
MLIS member, Prof. Roy Friedman, updates with information on newly available HPC infrastructure:
The Technion has recently purchased a cluster of 4 DGX-A100 servers.
Each server sports eight A100 cards connected by NVidia's nvlink and nvswitch technology (600 Gbps).
The servers are connected by Mellanox 200 Gbps IB switches - each of the 8 cards of each server is independently connected to one of the switches.
Each server has 40GB of memory.
This is already the strongest AI cluster in Israeli academia and the good news is that four additional servers are in the process of being ordered!
The cluster is managed using a slurm job queue and jobs are encapsulated in containers giving maximum flexibility for the runtime environment.
Usage is currently free for Technion researchers and at the moment the cluster is underutilized.
Sometime later this summer we will start charging a symbolic usage fee and later in the autumn this might be raised a bit but will remain much cheaper than any alternative I am aware of.
More information can be found here.
To open an account, fill in this form and remember to check the "GPU Users" box in the affiliation field.
Roy Friedman
July 1, 2021
Road2-MLIS summer AI acceleration program for Technion graduates
Road2 in collaboration with MLIS, is initiating an acceleration program that will allow Technion graduates in fields related to Artificial Intelligence to explore business opportunities based on AI technology. This short acceleration program will be held during August and September for a period of 8 weeks.  Note that the program is open only to Technion graduates who are not active students. Kindly refer this info to your relevant graduates. For additional details and registration

June 24, 2021
Joint collaboration with Apple Israel
Apple Israel would like to examine options for future joint research projects with Technion-MLIS researchers within the following research fields:
  1. ML methods for solving global optimization problems, such as those encountered in Hardware design and verification procedures.
  2. Methods for verification and troubleshooting of ML models.
Interested MLIS PIs, kindly fill-in the following form  
June 23, 2021
All AI-related calls-for-proposals in the Horizon Europe Work Programme for 2021-2022
After many delays, the European Commission published, on June 15th, the official Horizon Europe Work Programme for 2021-2022. All the AI-related calls-for-proposals are aggregated here: HE_All_AI_21-22 Note that topic headers can sometimes be misleading and thus it's worthwhile closely examine the call text. Should you need assistance in deciphering what can sometimes be a cryptic text - please contact MLIS' business development manager, Sagiv Segal.