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15.9 – Smart Spaces And AI On The Edge


We are extremely excited for the launch of the Technion’s artificial intelligence community!
??? We will mark the opening shot in a unique and fascinating series of webinars in collaboration with NVIDIA.
So get another small taste of what awaits you – meet Eyal Einav:
Eyal serves as developer relations manager at Nvidia Israel, and he leads the field of AI Video Analytics, while working together with developers and the data science ecosystem and startups in Israel.
? At the webinar, Eyal will talk about the optimization of video analysis solutions that support artificial intelligence that optimizes tasks in various industries, from health services to manufacturing, and helps companies and their employees work in a smarter and safer way.
did you know?
Over a billion cameras deployed around the world in almost all of our important spaces, these cameras generate huge amounts of data but without a system to analyze this data, valuable insights are lost. In the lecture we will deal with how computer vision powered by AI helps to create insights that allow cities and companies to improve their safety and operational efficiency.
Are you intrigued?
A small registration and you are connected. See you at our webinar series 13-14-15.9!
To register: