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MLIS conference 2022, AI: From Hype to Productivity – Lectures Slides


On February 24th, AI researchers and enthusiasts from Academia and Industry and Government gathered together for the first AI physical gathering for 2022. Titled AI: From Hype to Productivity, the conference emphasized the disparity between AI perceptions in the lay public and as sometimes advertised by commercial entities and actual AI capabilities to date. By doing so, we effectively sketched an AI roadmap which highlights the challenges the AI field faces in coming years.

The presentations are of the given lecture are available here:

Prof. Assaf Schuster: Complex Patterns in Massive Data Streams

Asst. Prof. Nir Rosenfeld: Machine Learning and Human Behavior

Assoc. Prof. Daniel Soudry: Resource Efficiency and Algorithmic Bias Control in Deep Learning

Prof. Michael Elad: Image Denoising – Not What You Think!

Asst. Prof. Aviv Tamar: Generalization in Deep Reinforcement Learning

Asst. Prof. Ofra Amir: Explainable Reinforcement Learning: Describing Agent Behavior to People

Assoc. Prof. Tamir Hazan: Multimodal Attention Networks

Prof. Shie Mannor: Reinforcement Learning: Is the Future Here?